lundi 21 juin 2010

El-Mehdi KADAOUI – « Code Project Associate », très présent sur le web et contributeur NTIC actif


C'est avec une grande joie, que j'ai lu mon profil sur "", bien que je connais son propriétaire M Alaa-eddine, ça reste un honneur pour moi.
Merci "emaroc" ;)

El-Mehdi KADAOUI – « Code Project Associate », très présent sur le web et contributeur NTIC actif

mardi 30 mars 2010

Microsoft TechDays 2010 Belgium - 30-31 March & 1 April in Metropolis, Antwerp

Developers and IT professionals gather at the Microsoft TechDays conference to get the latest in-depth technical information on the current and near future Microsoft platform.

vendredi 26 février 2010

[Video] How To Develop & Deploy a Web Role ( application in Windows Azure

Hello Monug People,

Here you will find 3 parts of Tutoriel videos that i have made,

about "How Develop & Deploy a Web Role ( application in Windows Azure"

It's in French!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

vendredi 19 février 2010

Live Mesh

Hello, Do you know Live Mesh ?!

Live Mesh is a tool that lets you synchronize your data (documents, images,
videos, ...) between your computers, share them with members of your
social graph, and finally of "access to the data from n" anywhere at
any time through the concept of Live Desktop that you are making available

Try it:
Live Mesh

Best regards

First Steps into Windows AZURE

Hello ,

Recentlly, I readed some articles about Windows AZURE and how it works,
so i decided to create a simple "HELLO" Cloud project.

Try it: Monug Cloud Project

Best regards,
Kadaoui El Mehdi.

vendredi 5 février 2010

CallBack Web Controls article @

Hello people,

My Recent Article "The CallBack web Controls" is now live @, Great!

vendredi 8 janvier 2010

Morocco .Net User Group (MONUG)

The First .Net Moroccan Comunity Group on FaceBook
Morocco .Net User Group (MONUG)

My First Project @

CallBack Webcontrols @

Project Activity

Page Views: 378
Visits : 202
Downloads : 40

Not bad for the first week!

mercredi 6 janvier 2010

CallBack WebControls


In this article, I present another aspect of communication in the Asp. Net 2.0, named "CallBack” and how it can be used for a web application soft light and especially preformative.

For this I created a set of "WebControls" based on the "CallBack" not on "PostBack" but that works exactly like the standard controls of 2.0

I will first start by explaining important concepts for understanding the article and finally I'll show you an example in practice

CallBack ?

The Callback is among the novelties of the ASP. Net 2.0, it can communicate with the server without posting the whole page ..

The difference between Callback and postback is that in the PostBack whenever you click a button, all the HTML of the page and its controls is regenerated (Render).
By cons in the callback is not the case and it is very important! Why regenerate all the HTML page? Is it important to do? when I just want to add a row in my GridView (for example).

So for a web application slightly, the "Render" of a control should be targeted and not overall ..

I mean no need to generate all the html code of the page and its controls.

You can use "Ajax control" but I do not know the code generated behind, so I can control what happens in my application.

To better understand this we will see the page life cycle with 2 modes (PostBack and CallBack)....

Continue the Article at

Source Code at

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